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Starting A Home Business After 50…

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You’re looking at your savings and thinking about the future…

You know you can’t rely on Social Security for your retirement.

And you know your savings (like most people’s) are not enough either.

What’s the answer?

Start Your own business.

Best selling author Bob Bly wrote a great book called “Start Your Own Home Business After 50″. The subtitle is: “How to survive, thrive and earn the income you deserve”.


I’m making an educated guess it’s something you’ve had in the back of your mind.

And as each year ticks by, you’re thinking about it more and more.

But what to do?

You thought about MLM network marketing but you don’t want to “sell” to friends and family. I don’t blame you.

I tried it and only made what I call “hobby money”. The truth is there’s not enough profit margin in network marketing to give you the return you need to advertise your business.

So what’s a viable alternative?


I’ll show you how I get a top marketer to make sales for me

* No Selling friends and family.

* No cold calling strangers,

* Opportunity to earn commissions of $1,000, $3,00 and even $5,000.

There’s enough margin her to give return on investment, even when you pay for marketing.

I am offering you a UNIQUE opportunity to join one of the fastest growing internet communities online today.

You deserve it.

Details HERE.

I started my home business after the age of 50 and now I’m designing the lifestyle I want (and deserve)!

In September I’m off for a week at the Atlantis Resort, which is in Paradise Island about 30 minutes from Nassau.

Start your home business HERE and I’ll mentor you – let’s plan to meet up in the Bahamas!

So by now you’ve probably watched the FREE video that reveals how YOU can generate over 300,000 visitors to YOUR
websites every month like clockwork…

…if not watch this now —> FREE VIDEO
But I just wanted to make sure that you have seen this amazing software in action that literally AUTOMATES the whole thing!

That’s right the software:

* Scans YouTube and ONLY shows you the videos with NO links in the description…

* Shows you exactly how many visitors Per Day every video is currently getting…

* Sends out ALL your private messages on Auto Pilot!

Watch this monster in action here —> CLICK HERE



P.S. Imagine what YOU could do with over 300K visitors to your websites every month?

Watch this monster in action here —> CLICK HERE

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FREE Affiliate Marketing Guide

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I’ve just released my new Affiliate Marketing Guide.

You can get it at my affiliate marketing website.


There are good reasons why more money is made with affiliate marketing than with MLM Network marketing.

With the right products and the right business funnel that converts traffic to sales you can earn a good affiliate marketing income online.

Unlike MLM network marketing where there is insufficient profit margin to advertise, affiliate marketing can pay back when you know your numbers.

I know how much I can afford to pay for clicks to get a certain percentage of leads that will in turn convert into a certain number of sales of my initial product and how many of these will take the upsells to higher margin products.

This leads to predictable income.

In MLM network marketing you are asked to make a list of the 100 people you know for a reason. It’s no-cost marketing. Your upline tells you this because they know there’s no advertising model that will give you a return on investment with the low margins you get.

Make a switch to FREE affiliate marketing Guideg.

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Hate Monday Love Friday

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Why is it we hate Monday yet love Friday?

Could it be that 4-letter word : WORK?

Bored in a dead end job?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired of your boss?

Frustrated that you are not being valued and paid enough?

Whatever your reason, you are among the majority who want an alternative.

I feel your pain! I felt that way too until I found MOBE.

I tried it all, spent thousands of dollars on my business education in the school of hard knocks – experience doing it.

I lost money in different MLM network marketing companies.

I spend money on guru courses, training and assorted schemes.

I made money online with my own business but discovered I’d created another job and the business wasn’t scalable to reach the income I wanted.

After fruitless searches for “the answer” I discovered My Online Business Empire or MOBE.

Here’s why MOBE works:

1. You focus on just one thing -driving traffic to your site.

2. There’s a sales team to close your leads for you – you don’t cold call anyone.

3. There’s a proven online business funnel that converts.

4. There are multiple products to sell and make commissions on.

5. There’s a well designed business system that leads your prospects through an engagement process to build your trust and credibility.

6. There are high commission products that enable you to be able to afford to advertise with reliable sales numbers.

Did I say you don’t call anyone!! This is big.

Most people hate selling and calling prospects, now you don’t have to.

Check out the 21-steps to online business success HERE.

Now I’m loving every day of the week, yes even Monday, because I earn money 7 days a week as I simply drive traffic to my website.

So love Monday and Friday –> HERE.


Why Network Marketing MLM Doesn’t Work

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It’s a sad fact, but most people who start network marketing MLM businesses from home don’t make money.

I know because i was one of them.

I tried in multiple companies but only made hundreds not thousands of dollars a month.

That’s OK if you just want “hobby money”.

But if you want life changing money where you can walk away from your job – you need a business with enough profit margin to be able to afford to advertise your business.

MLM network marketing is a great concept but doesn’t make money for most people because it has such small profit margins that you can’t afford to build your business marketing online.


What’s the solution?

Start an internet marketing business where there is a PROVEN business funnel with enough margin so you can advertise.

The best internet marketing business I’ve found is at



I Don’t Believe CNN Poll…

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A CNN/Money Poll found that nearly 6 in 10 people polled said The American Dream is impossible to achieve in this country.

I don’t believe the premise behind the question.

Perhaps the PERCEPTION of people is that the American Dream is dead and unachievable…

…But perception isn’t always reality.

I am one of hundreds, even thousands of people making money online with an internet based business.

You can do the same.

Because thanks to the internet the American Dream is even more attainable than ever before to more people than ever.

Look at what this 20-something Australian “kid” Matt did creating MOBE (My Online Business Empire).*

You can copy Matt’s 21-step process by STARTING HERE <–

Over 50% of Matt’s business is in the USA and the average age of his business affiliates is 49 years old.

Clearly, the OLD economic system is failing people – hence the perception voiced in the poll results.

That doesn’t mean a NEW emerging system can’t work to revive the American Dream and make it a Global Dream…

Check out Matt’s American Dream System HERE.

* In the spirit of full disclosure, I am compensated by Matt and MOBE for referrals. As your mentor I will work with you to lead you through the process and get you off to a fast start with your “American Dream” business.

Let’s confound the nay-sayers who want to announce the (premature) death of the American Dream!

Full CNN/Money Poll Details


Who Is Your Millionaire Mentor?

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Do you have a millionaire mentor?

How much time do you spend hanging out with millionaires?

Right now I have 4 millionaire mentors and they are all much younger than me! These are the people I spend my time with.

I think it’s great that you can teach an “old dog” new tricks that results in a luxury lifestyle that otherwise would not be possible.

One of my Mentors, Matt came up with the complete online business plan and marketing system (MOBE) that’s creating this lifestyle.

The second, Max is taking me step by step through the process to market and convert my website visitors to customers.

The third, Shaqir is my traffic mentor enabling me to get quality clicks and visitors to my site.

And my fourth mentor, Michael is giving me overall guidance to quickly scale my business.

I will be a seven-figure income earner with My Online Business Empire.

Work with me and I’ll show you everything I’ve learned and implemented in my business that you can copy in your business.

Check out the 21-Steps it takes to do this.

This is direct selling with an online business at it’s best. Note: It’s NOT MLM network marketing.

My advice to you – you need a mentor and access to millionaires.

You need a PROVEN step-by-step plan that you can follow that leads you to success.

All it takes is your focus and your intention to take personal responsibility to own your outcomes.

Your success is up to you.

I can help you with the blueprint to reach your dreams- the question is…will you go for it?



Did you know that Direct Sales is a $100 BILLION dollar industry worldwide with participants in over 100 countries and unparalleled opportunities for international growth?

On the video, you’ll also learn why MOBE (which is part of the Direct Sales industry) is the best chance out there today for the average person to become a 6 or 7-figure earner…even in a troubled economy.








Why Focus Is Your Best Friend…

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My biggest mistake was chasing the next shiny object that passed me by.

New plug-in? Great I’ll get it.

New opportunity – I’ll try it.

Enough already! No more opportunity seeking for you or me.

I’m now focused and you should be too.

When you jump from marketing opportunity to marketing opportunity, it’s impossible to build any serious momentum in any direction.

You simply become an outlet for whatever’s supposedly “hot” at the moment.You get sucked into a giant black hole of marketing that makes YOU less and less relevant to any market you might venture into.

So stop seeking and focus on ONE THING.

Choose your MAIN BUSINESS and just go for it.

I spent a lot of time learning with my Japanese maple tree business (that’s a good thing). But I realized it was not scaleable to get the income I wanted. I had to change gears and refocus on a new business model that can get me to my goal.

Now I have a clear idea of my numbers. I know how many clicks will get me a certain number of leads and how many leads will buy my starter product. I also know what percentage will take my up-sell and back end offers in my sales funnel.

There are 21 steps to really getting to understand internet marketing and how you can – with focus and action – build a 6-figure income online. See STEP 1HERE.


Dialogue On Making Money Online

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I like to get into a true dialogue with people on making money online.

I mean ‘dialogue’ not ‘discussion’ or ‘debate’. Words matter.

You see dialogue comes from the Latin roots dia and logos – which loosely translates as  “meaning flowing through”.

Whereas “debate” is to beat down and “discussion” means to break things up.

Unconsciously you’ve (we’ve) been taught by various teachers and family members to hold certain assumptions in your (our) mind.

Sometimes these assumptions (often limiting beliefs) are so burned in that they take over our thinking and interfere with our best or highest intentions.

Dialogue involves critical listening.

One of my mentors says, “design is the first signal of human intention”.

In dialogue we can share experiences and express our intentions  for ourselves, our family and others.

Dialogue is an open process and can result in a special collective expression that is more than the sum of the individual parts.

The whole picture of the universe, with all its infinite possibilities, is already here. In our normal way of “doing” things we miss this fact and its only when we move into “being” (as in we are human beings – not human doings) that we see the connection we have with everything and we can realize the infinite possibilities o- such as intentionally designing the outcomes we desire.

Together we have the capacity to change all our outcomes for the better. I’m designing my luxury lifestyle. Let’s dialogue about our design intentions…

If you would like to start a dialogue with me – contact me.






How Much Money Did You Make Yesterday?

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This is the first question I ask myself when i start my day, every day.

It’s a great start to the day when you see how many $s were earned overnight even while you were sleeping!

So how much money did YOU make yesterday?

  • How much from work? (trading your time for money)
  • How much from your internet business?
  • How much of that was residual income? (payment for work you did in the past)

(Note: If all or most of your income is from a JOB, your goal can be to replace, then beat your current job income.)

Next I look at the answers and compare them to my goal targets.

In my business right now I have a monthly goal to sell 37 of the starter product I retail.

With an average of 30 days per month, my target is to sell 1-2 per day or 8-9 per week.

Every morning I look back at my marketing – which is all tracked and I look to see which of my marketing initiatives performed the best.

After this, it’s time to think about what’s working and what’s not working and to tweak the marketing to see if I can improve on it.

Here’s how I transformed my internet business from an extra job that didn’t pay well to a real, high converting, high performing business.

All it takes is 21 steps. Go to:

After I read Tim Ferris’s book “The 4-Hour Workweek”

I realized I was nowhere near to the LUXURY LIFESTYLE DESIGN that the “new rich” internet marketers are enjoying. This was my motivation to find a way to COPY EXACTLY what the top earners are doing.

You can do the same thing I did by STARTING HERE NOW.



Synchronicity Definition And How to Profit From It

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, where they are unlikely to be causally related. The subject sees it as a meaningful coincidence.

Although we might think that it’s a coincidence meeting an old friend or relative somewhere on the other side of the world in an obscure place, it’s no coincidence.

It’s synchronicity.

We don’t really fully understand the universe – there’s a sense that something is planned and we are somewhat like pawns in the game.

People show up in our lives at different times for a reason.

We may not understand it in the moment, but with the passage of time we can often reflect that there was indeed an underlying reason why you were at a certain place at a certain time.

There’s a saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher will come”. That’s synchronicity defined.

I’ve been marketing online for over 10 years and I’ve had different mentors over that time. Now for me, two mentors have “shown up” synchronously who are making a real difference in my energy, vitality and business results.

The first is Matt Lloyd. He’s a 27-year old young man from “down under” in Australia. He’s literally cracked the code of internet marketing success and has created a complete 21-step process called MOBE. MOBE is an acronym and stands for My Online Business Empire.

Now, as a business partner with Matt, I am helping others as he helped me and so it’s with the same synchronicity that I am now here for YOU, if you are ready?

Are you ready?

Can you follow 21 steps, in sequence, simply following the directions given?

Are you ready to design your luxury lifestyle from here onwards?


–> Your 21-Steps Start Here <--


P.S. The good news is that we are not pawns. We can shape the game and win. Start with step 1 HERE NOW. I’ll tell you about the second mentor in another post!

P.P.S For more on “Synchronicity” read Carl Jung’s book on SYNCHRONICITY.

A more readable account of synchronicity is by Joseph Jaworski.

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You Design Your Own Life Part 6.

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So now I’m in the beautiful city of Charlottesville, VA and I’m working with two of the top environmental gurus in the world.

I’m teaching many different companies how to DESIGN their operations and products to be more environmentally responsible.

My motivation to do all I can to help us become more sustaining in our lives has long been a key personal driver for me. There’s a lot of pride in being able to say you are making a real difference in the world.

Along the way I determined to keep up to date with technology and it was the start of the internet. I taught myself HTML, researched niches and learned that it was a good idea to make something you enjoy doing your way to build a business.

I created a niche site about Japanese maple trees and surprisingly (to me) people started buying from me!

This has been a great vehicle for me to learn about online marketing, SEO, blogging and much more that I’ve invested time and money in. That’s the good news.le to

The bad news for me is that it took me a while to understand that this business isn’t scaleable. Plus it isn’t easy to grow and ship live plants.

I’m not at all upset or annoyed about this.

Each of us has to come to this realization in our own way:

1. The internet is the medium of the moment.

2. While it’s OK to sell products (and lots of people do on Amazon or eBay) margins are usually small and it takes a LOT of sales to make good money.

3. Information products are easier to sell and can be much more profitable.

My business design changed after this realization and now my focus is 100% on one task – driving traffic to one main offer.

I hope you are seeing the patterns here? The LIFESTYLE DESIGN I created in my mind was brought into reality by taking actions in the direction of the outcome I wanted.

Here’s how I continue to DESIGN the LIFESTYLE I want today:

In the next post I’ll give you more REAL examples of how my LIFESTYLE DESIGN continues.






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You Design Your Own Life – Part 5.

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It was because I designed the Environmental Packaging Strategy document that I got noticed in the corporate HQ back in America.

In order to progress in a multinational corporation you need some HQ experience to expand your resume. My opportunity came when I was asked to take a 2-year assignment managing the day-to-day work of the corporate environmental program.

As this was back in 1992, there were few business leaders in environment and sustainability, and no corporate sustainability officers, so I got to DESIGN my own job description and job title.

The title I chose was Director of Sustainable Product Innovation. In this roie I got to travel the world from Asia to Europe and South America helping ideate new innovative products and processes, tracking, measuring and reporting on environmental sustainability performance.

Along the way I heard a charismatic DESIGNER speak about a new DESIGN paradigm and design principles that we need to move us to a more sustaining world economically, environmentally and with fairness to all.

By this time I had been in the USA for more than the 2-year assignment period and there was no obvious route back to positions in Europe. So in my mind I was contemplating (designing) my next career move.

I hired the designer and one of his companies to help design a new blueprint for more environmentally intelligent materials. After one of the work sessions on the way back to the airport, I was asked if I had even thought of coming to work for the company I had hired to consult to us!

The universe offered me the next step before I had worked it out for myself.

Within a year I moved from Racine, Wisconsin to the warmer climate and welcoming community in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The LIFESTYLE DESIGN I created in my mind was brought into reality by taking actions in the direction of the outcome I wanted.

Here’s how I continue to DESIGN the LIFESTYLE I want today:

In the next post I’ll give you more REAL examples of how my LIFESTYLE DESIGN continues.

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Before I complete the quote I just want you to know that it REALLY is possible to start a profitable internet business and start having $1,000 (and more) sales days.

I’ve been online marketing for over 10 years. I followed “guru” advice and worked in a niche (selling Japanese maple trees) online. Over a period of several years I built a list of over 5,000 people interested in Japanese maple trees. Now when I email, I always get orders.

But the going is tough growing and shipping plants. Plus, gardening is a seasonal market.

Yesterday I sent one short email to a list I created and in the first 24 hours I got two orders for $207 and one for $87.35. That’s a $501 day that took years to develop.

Now this income is hard won. It’s too slow, it’s too much effort for too little return.

Here’s the quote:

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.”
- Roger Bannister
(the first human to break the 4 minute mile)

The $501 a day effort I described above was painful and I discovered it’s not easily reproduced or scaleable.

The good news is I found something that is easier, scaleable and reproducable.

It’s called MOBE.

MOBE stands for My Online Business Empire. It’s how I’m now designing my luxury lifestyle.

It took me just 21 steps to go from start to finish and set myself up for days with $1,000, $3,000 and even $8,000 income.

Take your first step HERE NOW</strong>.

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Design Your Own Life – Part 4.

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So now I get the opportunity to work on new products as a marketer!


I learned under the guidance of my marketing mentor and in the space of a couple of years I had test marketed and launched a new product (the Lifeguard Toilet Duck) while cruising on the Queen Elizabeth II to Portugal and Spain!

Now I was still ambitious – learning that I had been able to rise to every occasion and do bigger, different jobs, so my design intention was to get to a higher level in the company.

I had CHOSEN marketing to do this because that’s where I saw all the business leaders come from.

Then SYNCHRONICITY raises its head again. This time I get a call from the Vice President of European R&D asking me to come join the regional R&D group. I’m hesitant because I made a design decision to switch from R&D to marketing.

But the universe knows better than I do what the plan should be!

I get the message and understand that i can make a multi-grade leap to become a Director of European R&D that would take another 4-5 years to achieve in a conventional marketing job progression.

Throughout all these jobs I have carried with me an unshakable belief that we have to DESIGN how we live on this earth better. It was only later in life that I rediscovered the source of this environmental consciousness. I had bought and read Rachel Carson’s seminal book “Silent Spring” in 1972 as a freshman undergraduate.

Not only are we destroying habitat and losing species galore, but your very existence – how we’ve designed our lives – is straining resources and causing more damage than ever. So another thread of my story is that I’ve taken it upon myself to quietly make pro-environmental design changes in all the jobs I’ve done/

I won’t bore you with the long catalog here, but for example, I wrote (designed) the first company Environmental Packaging Strategy and removed PVC from all packaging in Europe.

Consistently, the DESIGN I created in my mind – in all facets – was brought into reality by taking actions in the direction of the outcome I wanted.

Here’s how I continue to DESIGN the LIFESTYLE I want today:

In the next post I’ll give you more REAL examples of how my LIFESTYLE DESIGN continues.